Our Beliefs


We believe that there is one God who exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in accordance to scriptures.


We believe that Jesus is the Son of God, was born of a virgin, was wholly God and wholly man, lived a sinless life, died in our place on the Cross of Calvary as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind, was buried, arose bodily from the grave, and ascended into Heaven while in the sight of his disciples, all according to the scriptures.

Christ's Return

We believe that Jesus Christ will literally return to earth to setup His Throne in Jerusalem in fulfillment of Scriptures.

    a.     We believe in the Pretribulational return of Christ for all true Believers according to Scriptures.

    b.     We believe that the earth will endure a period of time such as it has never before seen or experienced, that the Scriptures refers to as the Tribulation Period. This Tribulation Period will last for almost seven years and will be get progressively worse from beginning to end in severity and destruction to humans that will be alive on the earth during this period.

    c.    During the Tribulation Period, the wrath of Satan will be directed towards any and all that profess the name of Christ as their Savior. Satan will ultimately meet his end by being cast into the bottomless pit during the Reign of Christ and then, after that, into the Lake of Fire forever.

    d.     We believe that at the conclusion of the Tribulation Period that Christ will begin His One Thousand year reign (The Millennial Reign) of Christ and govern the world in absolute righteousness and rule with a rod of iron.

Holy Spirit

We believe that God the Holy Spirit is active in convincing unbelievers of their need for salvation, and is the Comforter and Guide Who lives in every believer.


We believe that the Bible is the Word of God without any error, the sole authority for life and faith, and is to be held as the general guide-line for everyday life for the believers.


We believe that according to scripture, man is a special creation of God, created on the sixth day, made in His image, but that through the sin of the first man, Adam, mankind fell so that all men are sinners and need salvation.


We believe that salvation is a gift received through repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ exclusively. 

    a.     We believe that every one that is truly saved will be a new creature in Jesus Christ according to Scriptures.

    b.     We believe that everyone that is truly saved will be gifted by the Holy Spirit for service in the body of Christ according to Scriptures.

                We are Saved to serve... not Saved to Simmer.


We believe that every person who is truly saved is eternally secure in the Lord Jesus Christ according to Scriptures.


According to Scriptures, we believe that those persons who die in their sins without Christ spend eternity in Hell and those persons who die with their sins forgiven through Christ spend eternity in Heaven.


We believe that water baptism is an outward act of obedience to the command of Christ and is by immersion after salvation. Through Baptism, we identify with the authority and doctrine of the Church. There is no impartation of saving grace in the waters of the Baptismal pool. It is by the washing and purification of the Holy Spirit that we are saved, according to Scriptures


We believe that the church is a body of believers with the Lord Jesus Christ as the Head.


We believe that each believer has direct access to God through the Lord Jesus Christ according to Scriptures.


We believe in the separation of Church and State, but not in separation of God and government. Christians are the salt and light in society. We believe Christians should actively perform our Christian duties as American Citizens.


We believe in supporting the Great Commission by Sending Missionaries to countries around the world where there is need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ being preached. But we also believe in financially supporting those that we send into the field to teach and to preach the Word of God.

   a.    We believe that if a church is only sending and supporting missionaries in view of Matthew 28:18-19, they are only in partial obedience to the Lords  command to 'Go and teach all nations."

    b.    We believe that each believer has a personal responsibility to share their faith with the world, beginning in their Jerusalem, and then reaching out unto the 'utter most pats of the world.'

    c.     This sharing of our faith is encouraged through a life-style type of sharing of faith with others. Organized door to door sharing of the faith. Neighborhood canvassing, and building a relationship witness.


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